September – April

up to 4 hours

5 000 rub/person

The Northern Lights tour with Go Aurora

What are the Northern Lights and why should we “hunt” them? The Northern Lights are bands of coloured lights that are seen in the night sky in the most northern parts of the world. According to statistics the Northern Lights appear almost every day in the Murmansk Region. It is possible to catch them here from the beginning of September up to the middle of April (the 10th of April approximately).

Description & details

Firstly the Northern Lights is the physical phenomenon. It occurs when particles of the Solar wind enter the ionosphere of our planet. The certain glow color depends not only on a kind of gas particles but also on the height where they collide. The name of places where such phenomenon appears is congruent with the poles of the Earth that is why its second name is Polar Lights. Aurora Borealis (the Latin name) is also often used. The stronger the activity of the Sun the more it is likely to see it. It is so unpredictable that the Northern Lights can glow from several minutes to a day!

Tour program
  • all time tour transfer;
  • weather analytics;
  • photography;
  • hot tea and snacks
Number of participants

we form tourist groups from 2 people to 7 people and also provide discounts for tourist groups from 5 people

Sometimes it’s really difficult to find the Polar Lights, that’s why we call it “hunting”

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