2 – 3 hours

from 4 000 rub/person

Sami villages tour with Go Aurora

It’s not a secret that the Far North for very many people is associated with harsh winters, severe frosts and often something unknown things. But do not forget that unique minority of northern people (we call them Sami) lives even in such unusual climatic conditions over the centuries.

Our tours

7 hours, 5000 rub

Sami village tour in Lovozersky region

You will learn about ancient cults and seids, about the nomadic past and traditional crafts, taste Lapland cuisine and play traditional games.


individually, small groups

4 hours, 4000 rub

Sami village Lapp tour

You will get acquainted with the culture of the indigenous people of the North in an ethnic village, make friends with a reindeer and even ride in a reindeer sled!


individually, small groups

Description & details

There are very few of Sami left on the territory of the Kola Peninsula (for about 1600 people). The desire to plunge into their culture, life, traditions and customs has attracted researchers, scientists and just travelers to the Kola Peninsula for very many years. Today we also have an opportunity to get to know this part of the Arctic life having visited the Sami village.

Sami village/ Lovozersky region. Tour program

We will go for a reindeer sledging, get acquainted with the animal world of the North, try traditional northern cuisine and play Sami games.

Distance from Murmansk is about 100 km

Sami village Lapp. Tour program

Traditional Sami dwellings, the mystical stones (Seyds), shamanistic rituals and dances all these things are about “Loparskaya”. We will try traditional Sami outfits on, learn everything about reindeer, plunge into the atmosphere of Sami life and the history of the North indigenous people.

Distance from Murmansk is about 40 km

Number of participants

we form tourist groups from 2 people to 7 people and also provide discounts for tourist groups from 4 people

Unique minority of northern people lives in the far North – we call them Sami..

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