Everything what is above the Polar Circle is the North…

What do we know about it? Indeed, even on the scale of Russia, the North is something vast and distinctive! This is the land where in summer the sun does not go over the horizon, where the sea does not freeze even in severe frosts, where 7 months per year the sky glows by Polar Lights.

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Teriberka is one of a historical villages at the Barents Sea shore. Actually this is the only one way in Russia to reach the Arctic Ocean by road.

The Northern Lights

The Northern Lights are bands of coloured lights that are seen in the night sky in the most northern parts of the world.

Husky tracking

For lovers of nature, outdoor activities and, of course, huskies! For those who prefer walking in pleasant and unusual company.

Sami villages

For those who wants to plunge into the world of Sami culture, Sami life and get acquainted with the traditions and customs of the ancient peoples of the North.

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An amazing life stretches from Murmansk to Kamchatka across 11 time zones through lack of good roads and permafrost. And this is our life as well!

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We are Alex & Anna – family and team. We are in love not only with each other, but also with our native land! The capital of the Arctic (Murmansk) is our hometown. We live here. Year by year, we share a part of our life with guests from all over the world!

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