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Let’s conquer the far North with Go Aurora!

Year by year, we share a part of our life with guests from all over the world! Each time we are just numb like it is the first time while Northern Lights dancing. We run through the snowdrifts (!) along the sandy beach to the Arctic Ocean. We proudly talk about the largest city above the Arctic Circle.

And after the way back home (home, sweet home) we hope in your hearts the words such “the North”, “the Arctic”, “Murmansk” and even may be “GoAurora” will respond with something warm in spite of everything!

The Kola Peninsula is something fabulous and mysterious in minds of generations. But for us it is our beloved home land, where we were born and raised. No doubt, it has its own special charm and character! We are Alex & Anna (family and team). We are in love not only with each other, but also with our native land!

We have our own husky park

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